What’s Up With Agroecology Now!? 2020/01 Update

See below for some highlights of our latest work, including free to download articles and videos. Feel free to pass some or all of this on to your networks or to copy/adapt parts for use in newsletters, etc. There are also a number of recent and freely downloadable articles listed below.

Shifting from Industrial Agriculture to Diversified Agroecological Systems in China

In this latest book in the Reclaiming Diversity and Citizenship Series published by CAWR, Zhenzhong Si offers a new perspective on how to shift from industrial agriculture to diversified Agroecological Systems in China and contributes to recent debates on agroecology transformations.

New Policy Brief – Nourishing Life. Territories of Life and Food Sovereignty

Michel Pimbert reflects on the new Policy Brief from CAWR: “Local communities on all continents are being displaced and impoverished by the combined actions of top down, ‘people-out’ fortress conservation and the expansion of industrial agriculture. This silent violence can be reversed by strengthening self-determining indigenous and community conserved areas as well as local food sovereignty. This is all about re-inventing conservation and development for a just and sustainable world”. Available here: https://wp.me/p67WNH-wS

Three Knowledge Mobilization Strategies for Social Change: Transmedia, Using Layers and Bridging

Read this post about an article that presents three strategies for mobilizing knowledge in processes of social change for agroecology, social justice and sustainability more generally. Click here to read: https://wp.me/p6tuKo-19Q

Building Resilience to Natural Disasters in Populated African Mountain Ecosystems

In her first blog for AEN, George McAllister shares her thoughts on a recent trip to Zimbabwe – using participatory methods to explore if agroecological landscapes, and the farming communities that manage them, are more responsive to natural hazards in an era of increasing climate disruption. Click here to read: https://wp.me/p67WNH-xg

Two upcoming Seminars on Scale, Agroecology and the Politics of Agricultural Sustainability Transitions in Sikkim, India   

Join Colin Anderson (CAWR) and  David Meek (University of Oregon, participating by skype) on January 17 (3pm-5pm) at Ryton Gardens and on January 10th at the University of Oregon for these sessions sharing insights, pictures and film from our work in Sikkim India – the world’s first “all-organic state”. In this presentation, we draw upon three periods of research in Sikkim to explore the opportunities and constraints of the organic policy for the agroecological transition. https://wp.me/p67WNH-wu

New Film – Our Seeds: Central to Food, Life and Culture

In this film, farmers from Lower Dzongu, Sikkim, India discuss the importance of traditional seeds for food, life and culture and their plans to establish a community seed bank to help maintain and revive traditional seeds. Available here:


CAWR at ORFC 2020 – ‘Farmer-led’ and ‘Publicly-funded’ Research on Agroecology

The AgroecologyNow crew from CAWR will be contributing to the U.K. focused Oxford Real Farming Conference (www.orfc.org.uk), including two complementary sessions on Jan. 8 starting at 3pm on Agroecology research for the public good and “Farmer-Led Innovation and Research for Agroecology’. These two sessions will be followed by an open session to continue discussions and undertake action planning. For full details on these and other sessions at ORFC visit: https://orfc.org.uk/orfc-programme-2020/

Do Scholar-Activists Need to Organize?

The Food Sovereignty movement makes use of constituencies, regions and quotas to manage representation. Researchers were a visible presence at the 2016 Nyéléni Europe Forum, but they are absent in the new governance model of Nyéléni Europe and Central Asia. Do European scholar-activists need to organize? Seven feminist scholar-activists working on food sovereignty reflect on this in a new article. Click here to view a video summary: https://youtu.be/SXr8Nnl-jPg

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