AgroecologyNow! Research Briefs

These publications represent a series of research briefings for civil society, policy and activist audiences and are based on our wider research program on agroecology, food sovereignty and social transformation for sustainability and social justice. Related publications can be found here.

These briefings focus on accessible writing for use in practical and political processes of social mobilisation, advocacy, organising and policy change.

2020 – Scaling Agroecology from the Bottom up: Six Domains of Transformation

2019 – A Guide to Mapping For Food System Change

2019 – Strengthening FAO’s Commitment to Agroecology

2018 – Learning as a Social Movement Strategy

2018 – Farm Hack: open source farm-to-farmer innovation in the creative commons

Posters – These posters may also be of interest and use.

Coming soon:

2019 – Agroecology Transition-Transformations – A Primer

2019 – Map It – The Role of “Mapping” in Agroecology and Sustainability Transitions

2019 – Public Policies for Agroecology