Science, in movement, for transformation: agroecology

Agroecology is the application of ecological principles to food and farming systems. Simultaneously a science, a set of practices, and a social movement, it centres on equitable and sustainable food and fibre production, processing, distribution, and consumption. Historically, agroecology is associated with a multifaceted body of transdisciplinary knowledge. The academic literature emphasizes the role of scientists in developing an interdisciplinary agroecology over the past 90 years. However, the practice of agroecology is much older, with deep roots in many indigenous and peasant societies of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Polynesia. Although these …

Hot topics and pressure points: agroecology in action

Reflections on the crucial aspect, moments and interfaces where agroecology can deliver more-than-just and more-than-sustainable transformation of praxis that enriches the human habitat and make the world a garden for children of the future to play in.. some issue another issue and a third one and so on The bullet points could lead to categories or tags.. In fact I will quickly add on as example..

Data Sovereignty: an aspect of food sovereignty?

!AgroecologyNow! is an independent collective experimenting with ideas of data sovereignty inspired by food sovereignty: who has access to land, how and where we grow, and what we eat are central questions in agroecology for the purposes of food sovereignty. Information and data flows also have an impact on who we are and what we are becoming and systems of literacy have a close relation to dynamics of stratification in a society. Below we outline a vision for data sovereignty. A work in progress. Documentation of the site and the servers: why, where, what.